Welcome to Blid & Hatton Gatherings - sharing the love of food


Blid & Hatton Gatherings is the brainchild of close friends Surrey-born chef Maddie Hatton and Swedish native Helga Blid-Martinsson. They have joined forces to create a unique space, which draws on the European tradition of cooking and 'breaking bread' as part of everyday life. 

The Food Studio offers a range of Cookery Workshops/Demos and Talks from UK's leading Foodies, Pop-up Events, Private and Corporate Dining, as well Outside Event Catering.   

The Blid & Hatton Food Studio is based at the well-known food and art destination, the Medicine Garden in Cobham, Surrey.  An old Victorian seed shed has been transformed in to a light and airy space, perfectly balancing the industrial looking kitchen with our beautiful French dresser. 20 people can comfortably sit and eat together in the Food Studio. 

We look forward to cooking with you very soon!

Maddie & Helga