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Talk & Lunch: Losing the festive weight in a healthy and sustainable way

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Christmas and New Year is a time to celebrate and that includes eating and indulging in food and drink more than usual! Then comes January and the resolutions start.  New Year, new me, shed the pounds, drop a dress size…

Sarah’s talk will address why many diets don’t work, which do, and the science behind successful weight loss and weight management.  Maddie will create a light lunch of seasonal delights to complement the theme.  10.30am coffee and welcome followed by talk and discussion, Lunch served at 12 noon.

Research has shown that very few diets are sustainable.  You may lose a few pounds and feel great but more often than not, the weight comes back on. Long-term weight loss is about optimising your metabolism so that it processes carbohydrates effectively, and making sure there is a good balance of essential nutrients, so that your body can work in synergy, allowing all the different systems to function effectively. 
Sarah and Maddie’s New Year workshop will discuss how to manage your weight without compromising on delicious and wholesome food.

16 spaces available, £50 per guest or £90 for two