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Pasta Making for the Senses

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Join Cristina on a 360° journey involving all your senses while you learn a new skill making beautiful pasta, focussing on being aware in the "here & now” while immersing yourself in making pasta, accompanied by the tones of Italian music.

Explore the excitement of making your own dough from scratch and learn how to make some simple pasta shapes. You will also make room for your creativity shaping pasta as you please.
Topics Covered:
Choice of ingredients
Preferred tools to use
Making dough
Making pasta

There are 8 spaces available at £75pp. 

Nidi di Tagliatelle.JPG

ABOUT CRISTINA: I was born in a town in the North of Italy and grew up in a country village close to the beautiful Lake Garda. Surrounded by nature and animals, I really adored outdoor life. In the late 80’s, my mother opened what in Italian is called a “pastificio” – an artisan lab where we started producing different kinds of fresh pasta from tagliatelle to ravioli, tortelli to lasagne, gnocchi and so forth.

At that time, I was still a teenager. Eventually, I obtained a nursery teacher qualification, but even while still at school, during the holidays and after school, my time was spent in a three-storey lab, and I was fascinated to see and share in the rewarding process of transforming very simple ingredients like flour and eggs into beautiful and delicious pieces of pasta art.

Later on, I decided to work alongside my mother and I am eternally grateful to her for having passed on this passion and ability to me.