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Hedgerow Gathering & Preserving with Kylee Newton from Newton & Pott

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We are super excited to welcome Kylee Newton, founder of London’s coolest preserving company Newton & Pott, and the author of ‘The Modern Preserver’.

With our fields and hedgerows burgeoning at this time of year with fruits, nuts & herbs, autumn is the perfect time to gather nature’s harvest to make jams and chutneys to warm and delight you through the colder months ahead.

Join us for a relaxed Sunday gathering, which will include exploring the beautiful lanes surrounding The Medicine Garden, foraging of local delicacies (weather dependant!). Kylee will show you the ins and outs of preserving, setting points, the magic of pectin, and good sterilisation practices to ensure successful preserving.

Includes morning coffee & freshly baked biscuits, a delicious Blid & Hatton lunch inspired by Kylee’s preserves. You will also be able take a bag of your own produce away with you!

Note: As we hope to spend some of our day outside, please dress appropriately!  


About Newton & Pott

Kylee is the owner of celebrated Hackney based Newton & Pott, which produce seasonal, handmade Chutneys, Jams & Preserves with an exotic twist. She has also written the ultimate book for any budding hedgerow forager ‘The Modern Preserver’.

Kylee explains the concept behind Newton & Pott, “all our ingredients are fresh and natural and we take pride in practising the artisan methods of yesteryear, just like Grandma used to do but combining interesting and creative flavours, sometimes with an exotic twist. By taking seasonal fruits and vegetables we endeavour to make them last longer with the humble approach of ‘waste not, want not’.”

7 Delegates, £75 per person

Photograph Philippa Langley

Photograph Philippa Langley